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Get the skinny on what it takes to own a piece of the untamed north on Buying Alaska!


Purchasing remote real estate in America’s last frontier takes more than appreciative eye for natural beauty; it requires a spirit of adventure.

It seems Alaska-themed TV series are the trend on TV these days, so it should come as no surprise some people are beginning to give the untamed north the nod as a possible place to call home. Destination America, part of the Discovery Network, is providing viewers with the opportunity to follow along as homebuyers hunt for the perfect property on the new TV Series produced by Paper Route Productions, Buying Alaska.

Each episode of Buying Alaska will follow prospective home buyers, some who have never before set foot in the state, as they face the challenges of buying a home that may be without running water, electricity, an indoor toilet or good access roads.

“As we expand our original programming slate, we’re looking to offer viewers shows that have a different twist on the home and lifestyle genre,” said Marc Etkind, senior vice president of content strategy for Destination America. “Most people, at one time or another, can relate to the dream of trading in the rat race and roughing it in an untamed territory … Buying Alaska will give viewers a peek behind the curtain and allow them to live vicariously through these folks as they turn their fantasies into reality.”

Alaskan viewers may see familiar faces on Buying Alaska: Philip Alderfer, broker-owner of the Alderfer Group; Scott Connelly, associate broker with Bay Realty; and Jenny Chissus, broker-owner of Seldovia Property, will be among those featured.

Beyond the Beaten Path

What does it take to own a piece of the last great American frontier? A willingness to take a step back from some of today’s most basic modern amenities, like running water or an indoor bathroom, and be willing to trade off those expectations in exchange for some of the most breathtaking views and stunning wild surroundings anywhere in the United States. The extraordinary landscapes often separate these properties from those in the lower 48 states, and often it is the land, not the home, that is the primary attraction. Many potential buyers are looking for properties that will allow them to hunt or fish from their back deck; utilize features such as smokehouses or greenhouses for increased self-sufficiency; and, for some, find extremely remote real estate where they can enjoy total seclusion. But, remote living also brings danger, including wild animal attacks and brutal winters that can make trips to town impossible for months at a time. Not for the faint of heart, remote properties, like those found on BUYING ALASKA, may only be for those with truly adventurous spirits.

Eager to see what kind of people are Buying Alaska? Tune in to Destination America on Sunday, Oct. 21, at 10 p.m. E/P for the premiere of Buying Alaska!

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Long, blue, spiky-edged shadows crept out across the snow-fields, while a rosy glow, at first scarce discernible, gradually deepened and suffused every mountain-top, flushing the glaciers and the harsh crags above them. This was the alpenglow, to me the most impressive of all the terrestrial manifestations of God. At the touch of this divine light, the mountains seemed to kindle to a rapt, religious consciousness, and stood hushed like devout worshipers waiting to be blessed. — John Muir

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