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Whether purchasing a remote property to use as a primary residence, a vacation home or investment property, remote real estate has much to offer. From vast unaltered wilderness landscapes and unscarred skylines to fishing, hunting and diverse outdoor recreation opportunities, a remote property can be a nature lover’s paradise.

If you’re considering buying a remote cabin or remote land, here are a few things you may want to consider:

Choosing a Remote Property to Buy

Buying Cabins Remote Land

Your first step in your property search is determining what kind of property will best meet your needs. Are you looking for remote land or a property with a remote residence? Will the property be a primary residence, a second home or an investment property? If it’s a vacation home, how far are you willing to travel and when will you most likely visit? Would you prefer an extremely remote property or something a little closer to town? What access options are you looking for? Are certain climate conditions out of the question?

Identifying your wish list and being as specific as possible with your real estate agent will help him or her match you with properties best suiting your needs.

Viewing Remote Cabins and Land

After you’ve settled on the type of property you are most interested in, your real estate agent can arrange for viewing of property listings matching your wish list. When it comes to viewing remote properties, you can never be too prepared. We offer buyers the following advice when viewing remote property for sale:

  • Recruit the right help. Choose a remote real estate agent who knows the area you are interested in and is familiar with the property, including any potential access issues.
  • Map the location. Good maps, compass, a GPS device, and knowledge of the location is important when looking at remote property.
  • Have a travel plan. Be smart when it comes to planning how you are going to visit the property. Make sure vehicles can handle the terrain and are in proper working order with more than enough fuel to get you there and back safely.
  • Always be prepared. Check ahead for weather and other factors that may create unforeseen problems. Wear proper clothing and pack appropriate survival gear, food, water and first aid.
  • Respect the wildlife. Know what to do if you come across a bear, cougar, moose or other potentially dangerous wild animal on the property, and make sure your agent or home seller is prepared for this kind of situation.

Remote Lending & Owner Financing

Another consideration when buying remote real estate is which type of financing you are eligible for, if available. When it comes to remote property, you may find loan options are more limited than when buying property in an urban setting. Mortgage lenders often shy away from offering financing for remote properties or cabins, which are often difficult to inspect and may pose greater risk to the lender. You could find a larger down payment is required or a higher interest is rate attached to a loan. In these cases, or when commercial lending is not available, you may want to look at remote real estate for sale with owner financing. While owner financing may be less common than traditional bank lending, it could be an attractive option for both buyers and sellers.

Whichever property or financing option you choose, the right amount of research and preparation can make buying a remote property or cabin a much smoother, more enjoyable experience, as well as a rare opportunity to enjoy the best nature has to offer.

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